Happy New Year! Goals for 2016

Did I just type “2016?” It blows my mind. How did 2016 get here so fast?


Sweet little Solstice is also wondering where 2015 went.

Well, 2015 was a pretty good year around here. It was truly wonderful to have a calmer year after the losses, sadness, and stress of 2013 and (though to a lesser extent) 2014. And I’m happy to report that, in the fiction-writing department, 2015 has been the most productive year I’ve enjoyed in quite some time, and it feels great to get my mojo back. In 2015, I published:

Plus, I wrote two short stories for inclusion in the upcoming Mind’s Eye anthology (“Beautiful Dreamer” and “Guitar Traveler”), I resurrected an older novel (formerly known as Maestro) for a rewrite, and best of all, I have sunk my teeth into a major (and very fun) fiction project, with which I’m utterly obsessed and which I envision as an ongoing series.

In what has become a yearly tradition on this blog, I’ll offer the New Year’s goals I made last year at this time, in bold type, with commentary (in regular type) on whether or not I accomplished each goal. Then I’ll present my New Year’s goals for the coming year. Without further ado:

Old Goals

1. Keep flying high on the music and enjoying my church pianist job. It truly is such a blessing in my life. Write new music. And make progress on my next album, Reflected Moon.

I’ve done pretty well at this with regard to flying high on the music and enjoying my church pianist job. It continues to be a joy. I haven’t done so well at writing new music. I’ve fiddled and fardled and written one actual, completed new piece. Though I’m spending a lot of time at the piano, I’m still in a bit of a dry spell as a composer. And I haven’t made one shred of progress on a second album. My recording equipment has spent most of 2015 gathering dust, I’m sorry to say.

2. Make a serious commitment to my fiction. Get productive again. Finish my projects. Get them out there. Believe I can do it.

On this goal (well, actually, these goals), I have completely and totally kicked mega butt. See above for projects published and in progress.

3. Blog. Yeah. More than twice a year *ahem.*

Ha! Well, I did a little better here. I guess I blogged three times last year?

4. Take good care of myself and count my blessings.

I have done better here, too. Since 2015 has been a calmer, more peaceful year on all fronts, it has given me much-needed space to recharge and rejuvenate, which has fed into my creative efforts and also into better self-care and blessing awareness. 🙂

My Goals for the New Year

  1. Compose new music and get a second album off the ground.
  2. Publish Come Back to Me (the new version of the novel formerly known as Maestro).
  3. Keep up the momentum I built in 2015 with my fiction — write, polish, and publish.
  4. And this goal remains the same: take good care of myself and count my blessings.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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