A Visit With the Tadpoles

A Visit With the Tadpoles

I hiked the tadpole trail today.  The stream was down, and I was happy to find my little friends warm and wiggly, bigger and stronger, and looking ever more like little frogs.  And I got to thinking how nifty life as a frog would be.


Think about this:  these little tadpoles live in the water; water is all of the world they know.  Bit by bit, however, they’re going to frog out, and when they grow their legs and develop lungs, they’re going to hop on land and discover a whole new world to explore.


Makes me kind of envious, in a good way. *smile*.


Here is a good-sized tadpole clump, in all their wiggly glory.

Of course, if I were a tadpole-soon-to-be-frog, I wouldn’t be able to eat these wild blackberries, just starting to bud. They won’t be ready to eat until June or so, but oh, how I’m looking forward to tasting them again! To me, ripe wild blackberries are better than chocolate.


Frogs get to live on the mountain all the time, something I certainly wouldn’t complain about.


Maybe they even look up and see leaves unfurling at the tops of trees against the sky.


In the woods, bouquets of flowers are everywhere, just because.


What a beautiful world the little tadpoles have to look forward to. Indeed, it wouldn’t be a bad life at all to be a frog.


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  1. Great photos. Spring has definitely sprung! Those tadpoles are cracking me up because the look like frog lumps with tails! I guess we all go through an awkward stage, don’t we?

  2. Thanks, Leah! Yes, in many ways, it would be lovely to be a frog.

    And thank you, bunnygirl! Yes, Spring is springing out all over. And lol @ awkward stages — definitely! I think I felt like a frog lump with a tail when I was an adolescent. ;)

  3. Enjoyed your photos – and me and the youngest boy watched the video clip with fascination (though he requests sound next time, please… some mood music perhaps? hee)

    I don’t think I’d enjoy life as a frog because then I wouldn’t have fingers to type. A frog with voices in her head wouldn’t go down in the pond, I doubt ;)

  4. I’m glad you and your sweet kiddo enjoyed the video clip! That video came from my little digicam, which takes great pics but has no sound. One of these days I need to spring for a videocam! And here’s some mood music: “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” by Kermit the Frog. hehe

    Excellent point that if we were frogs, we wouldn’t have fingers to type! If we were frogs we could always try to type with our tails, but it wouldn’t be quite the same. ;)

  5. Hi, SnaggleTooth. That’s a great question — indeed, I believe the forest canopy would be how frogs would see their sky. And can you imagine how large even a small (to us) tree would appear to them?

  6. “Save the Frogs Day” — cool. I’m going to check out your post.

    hehe, Julia! They’re frogging out right nicely, aren’t they?

    And ha, good point, Susan! :D

  7. Hi! When your friend Julia was visiting my post about “Save the Frogs” day, she recommended your site to me – cool! I LOVE the tadpoles! I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  8. Hi, Bobbi! Thanks for visiting and commenting. The tadpoles are such fun. I hope to be able to chronicle their development into frogs — until they grow legs and hop away, lol! :)

    hehe, KS — widdle bitty polliwogs getting weady to fwog out. But getting a bit less widdle bitty every day! ((((((hugs)))))

  9. I never thought about life as a frog, but now you’ve got me considering how peaceful that might be. Also, they don’t have to worry about things like mortgage and taxes. lol.
    Wonderful pictures!

    I’ll bet you’re looking forward to Friday! I’m off to order my copy. Happy celebrating. :)

  10. Thank you, Crabby! Yes, I enjoy each moment I spend in the mountains, and every season, too. I hike all year round, and each season has its own special beauty.

    hehe, Denise, how true that frogs have no worries about mortgages and taxes! Next time I hike, I’ll visit the tadpoles again. And whee, Friday is just around the corner! Thank you so much, my friend. :)

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