New Novel (and New Covers for Older Novels)

New Novel (and New Covers for Older Novels)

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here on the blog, and if I only post when I have a new novel, posting will be infrequent indeed. Or maybe it would actually be a bit more frequent than I have been posting, who knows!

2013 has been a challenging, difficult year. One thing after another, as the common saying goes. It has been less a year than a gauntlet through time. But sometimes life gets that way. It’s made up of ebbs and flows, and as pleasant and easy as 2012 was, I guess I’d gotten soft and spoiled and needed a tough year to remind me what I’m made of.

The new novel, Maestro, is about Annasophia Flynn, a young, classically-trained pianist and singer-songwriter who enjoys a special bond with Wilhelm Dahl, her older mentor and teacher whom she affectionately calls Maestro. When the novel starts out, Maestro is terminally ill, and Annasophia must come to grips with the fact that she’ll have to say goodbye to him soon.

But not so fast. Annasophia receives a mysterious email to which is attached a photo of her standing by the side of a virile and much-younger Maestro, years before she was born and during the height of his fame and power as a concert pianist. Either somebody’s doing some serious Photoshopping, or Annasophia traveled — or will travel — back in time, meaning that there’s more to her relationship with Maestro than meets the eye.

She visits Maestro in the hospital and shows him the photo. When he talks about a mysterious door and hums a few bars of a romantic Rachmaninoff concerto much beloved by them both, she is compelled to go home and play the piece on her piano. The concerto indeed turns out to be a door back through time, where she meets the younger Maestro, and they fall in love.

But staying in younger Maestro’s time proves tricky. For one thing, he has a son, who will never be conceived or born if Annasophia stays and changes things. She starts to second guess herself and tries to go back to her own time, only to find, each time, that the timeline as she has known it has been altered. For another thing, Maestro’s very elegant and cunning ex-wife, Elena, is determined to get him back and makes up her mind to do everything she can to send Annasophia back to her own timeline for good, where she will have to say goodbye to Maestro forever.


Maestro is available as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

And my older work? Well, two novels, a novella, and a collection of short stories have all gotten facelifts. Since I decided to put my work out as a self-published author, I have worked hard to get better at designing covers. It has been quite a learning curve these last couple of years, but I’m happy to have built up some skills with GIMP, and the more confident I have become with my tool, the more fun the process has become. These books are all available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, or you can follow the links in the right sidebar.








I also have a couple of short stories (“The Saddle of Private Lucius Gray,” a literary short story, and “Deadfalls,” a little horror story) available on all three outlets. And Mirror Blue is my novel that’s published with Black Lyon Publishing, and it needs some love, too. :)

If you read my work, whether the novels, the novella, or the stories, I would be ever-so-grateful if you’d leave a review, whether on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and/or Smashwords, or on Goodreads. I hope you enjoy my fiction.

And I’m not just writing fiction. I’m still working on my next music album. If you haven’t checked out my piano music, you can do so by following the links in the sidebar to the right, or just by paying a visit to Bandcamp, where you can stream all the pieces off my first album, Womanspirit Rising, which I released last year. My next album will include vocals, and I’m calling it Reflected Moon.

No lack of artistic projects around here, that’s for sure. Last but not least, I hope to get back to blogging more regularly again! I’ve missed it.

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  1. Hi, Ann! It’s funny, how I got a fire under my butt to ramp the fiction up again. I’d been focusing more and more on music, and music is still a focus, but hey, it’s fun to have two focii. :D I hope all is well with you! I love how you have gotten so into dance. That is awesome! And I checked out the Three Word Wednesday site and saw that you’re still writing your fabulous short stories. I’d like to start participating in 3WW again. Good for the flash fiction skills!

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