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Mar 29 2010


Cats On Tuesday Marilyn:  I’m chillaxing on top of the recliner. Dorydoo:  And I’m snoozing in the recliner’s seat.  Zzzzzz…. Brainball:  I’m sprawling on my favorite box. MaoMao:  And I’m comfycozy undercover! We Ballicai love catnaps!

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Mar 23 2010

From Us to You

Cats On Tuesday We Ballicai got another awardie!  We are furry humbled.  This is the From Me To You Awardie, and it was given to us by the Cats of Wildcat Woods.  Thank you so much, furriends! As part of this awardie, we Ballicai are to tell seven more things about ourselves.  And we have […]

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Mar 16 2010

Catching Up on Awardies!

It’s good to be back on the Kitty Bloggiesphere! Our goal is to post once a week, for Gattina’s Cats on Tuesday. While we Ballicai were on blog break, we got some furry nice awardies!  And in this post, we’re going to get caught up.  If we missed anycat, please nudge us! First Awardie:  We […]

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