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Apr 19 2012

Brainball to Dorydoo: I <3 You

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Mar 07 2008

Floofy Friday: Brainball in a Box

So we Ballicai gotted a brand new box — we just love it when our beans order stuff online cuz when they get their stuffies, we get the boxes! The first Ballicus inna box was Brainball, cuz Alpha Cat gets first dibs. Isn’t the box a purrfeckt fit fur him? He stayed there a long, […]

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Jun 12 2007

Dorydoo’s First Five Days

Well, my little brother isn’t quite so annoying today — he tagged me for a meme. That’s nice of you, MaoMao! I’m the only one of us Ballicai who came here when I was a little kitten. I came from a friend of Momma and Daddy’s: his cat had kittens, and I was one of […]

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