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Apr 06 2010


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MaoMao:  Snuggling with Brainball is the best.  He’s so floofy and warm! Brainball:  I love snuggling with both MaoMao and Dorydoo.  And here I am, giving Dorydoo a love nibble.  Dorydoo:  purrrrr, I love Brainball.  I.  just.  LOVE.  Brainball. Marilyn:  My favorite place to snuggle is Mom’s lap, but the bed will do in a […]

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Sep 07 2007

Snuggly Saturday

I love to snuggle with Mom: And I love to snuggle with Dad: And now I want to snuggle with my darling Mickeybear! *smile* Singing: I feel snuggly, oh so snuggly! I feel snuggly, and snoozy and… *swooooon*! =-= Here’s something cute I saw on Meezer Tails, and I thought I’d try it, too: Marilyn […]

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Aug 03 2007

Snuggly Saturday

Mickeybear gave me the most beautiful flowers, and here we are having a happy snuggle in them. Thank you, my darling Mickey! This is the purr-fect way to spend a sunny Saturday in August. In other news, my Mom could use some purrs and good kitty vibes! MaoMao’s talking about it on his blog.

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Jul 24 2007

Snuggling on Wednesday

I was snuggling on Dad’s lap, and the expression on my face made Mom say, “SQUEE!” and get out the camera. Moms are funny sometimes, aren’t they? My darling Mickeybear wrote the most adorable Pleiades for me — go see! *purrrrrrrr*

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Jun 27 2007

Biscuits on Thursday

Mom and I played musical chairs today. When she got out of her chair, I jumped into it and began making biscuits on her yellow jellybean. She picked me up, we cuddled, and I napped in her lap. Next time she had to get up, she put me in her chair, and I resumed my […]

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Jun 18 2007

Toes Tuesday

Here’s a picture of me snuggling with my oh-so-sweet human Daddy — snuggling is one of life’s greatest delights — and he’s holding my paw. I’m the only one of my siblings-at-home who unreservedly loves to have her paws stroked. I also love to lean my head wayyyyy back when I’m snuggling — it’s my […]

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May 30 2007

Mom’s Chair

I just love Mom’s chair. I love to snuggle in Mom’s lap, of course, but even when she’s off doing something else, I like to keep her chair warm for her. Well, except for when I’m lounging on the JVC, one of my other favorite places *smile*. I remain awed by how Mickey worked “JVC” […]

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