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Mar 29 2010


Cats On Tuesday Marilyn:  I’m chillaxing on top of the recliner. Dorydoo:  And I’m snoozing in the recliner’s seat.  Zzzzzz…. Brainball:  I’m sprawling on my favorite box. MaoMao:  And I’m comfycozy undercover! We Ballicai love catnaps!

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May 17 2008

Easy Like Sunday

I love sleeping in Mom’s chair almost as much as I love sleeping in her lap. Here I am, snuggled against the yellow jellybean. Mom and I play musical chairs a lot. When she gets up from her chair, I get in it and make myself comfortable. Then when she wants her chair back, she […]

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May 14 2008

Six Word Memoir Meme

My bunny friend Tidbit is sick — please go give her lots of love, good thoughts and purrs! I was tagged by my dear friend Sassy for the Six Word Memoir Meme! I’ve done this one before, but I’m happy to do it again. It’s a fun meme! 1. Write your own six word memoir.2. […]

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Feb 29 2008

Funny Friday

So Mom’s getting ready to do laundry and she looks into the laundry basket, and what — no, WHO — do you think she sees, curled atop the dirty clothes and towels? That’s right! ME! (And no, those tooth marks aren’t mine. They’re Brainball’s. For some reason, my big brother likes to munch on the […]

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Feb 16 2008

Getting Ready

On Tuesday, February 19, I’ll be on the Ballicus Blog, helping my little brother, MaoMao, celebrate his First Gotcha Day. We Ballicai hope to see everyone there! *smile* To get ready for the party, I’m adding extra naps to my schedule!

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Jan 17 2008

In the Laundry With MaoMao

When my little brother isn’t chasing me around the house or watching me in the litter box, he can be quite companionable. *smile*

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Nov 05 2007

Snoozy Monday

Mom’s been hard at work on her novel, but she’s letting us Ballicai blog for Monday — yay! Some of you asked if Mom has cats in her novels. The answer is yes! Each of her novels has at least one cat. Currently, she’s writing a mystery, though in the past she has written both […]

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