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Apr 19 2012

Brainball to Dorydoo: I <3 You

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Oct 23 2008

Floofy Friday

For Floofy Friday, here’s Brainball on the bookshelf: Momma lets him sit up there as long as he doesn’t try to chew her books! Brainball can be kind of a big fuzzy bookworm when he wants to be, hehe.

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Mar 08 2008

Need Advice About Brainball

The Ballicus Mom here. As readers of the Ballicus Blog know, Brainball is a big, floofy cat. He’s prone to getting mats on his back, near the base of his tail. It’s the only place he gets them. In the past, we’ve cut his mats out — we can easily do that with our clippers, […]

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Sep 17 2007

Top Cat Tuesday

I’m proud of my sisfur, Brainball. She’s not only my wunnerful furriend but she’s also the bestest sisfur a boykitty could have. We have fun playin’ and rasslin’ together, and we love to sleep and snooze and snuggle togethur, too. And she’s the Alpha Cat of us Ballicai — she’s furry big, tough, and bee-yootiful […]

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May 22 2007

Brainball’s Been Tagged!

My big floofmonster (Flooficus Monstriconus, Momma calls her) of a sistur Brainball’s been taggied by my friends Mr. Chen & Ollie! hehehe, she’s really excited. She’s never been taggied before! So here’s Brainball, in all her Brainballitude, and man oh man does my sistur have Brainballitude ’cause she’s Big Bad (but nice, hehehe) Alpha Cat […]

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