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Apr 19 2012

Brainball to Dorydoo: I <3 You

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Nov 28 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Aug 16 2007

Dorydoo’s Nose Triplets

MaoMao’s letting me blog again today — yay! I read, in comments for the last post, where the Mosaic Cats asked me if I might have a nose like Dreamboat Annie. Hmmmmmm, let’s see. Here’s a close up of me, which shows my nose very well (and yes, that’s Brainball in the background sleeping in […]

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Aug 11 2007

Dorydoo Does the Proverb Meme

Dorydoo here! MaoMao said I could blog today — I’m excited! So I thought I’d do the proverb meme that was going around the Cat Blogosphere a while back — I love proverbs. First and foremost: A Black Cat in a Household Shall Always Signify Good Luck. Also important: With sufficient skill, there is no […]

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Jun 14 2007

Sharing the JVC

I feel the need to toot my horn a bit: I’m a good sister. I have a young sister, Dorydoo. You may have read about her on MaoMao’s blog. Though we have very different purr-sonalities, we’re both arboreal kitties — we love to jump, and we love to snooze on the JVC. The JVC is […]

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May 24 2007

Dorydoo’s Favorite Things

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Okeydokey, I’m lettin’ my other sister guest blog today. Brainball said Dorydoo could post about her favorite things if she wants to, so here she is! Dorydoo’s closest to me in age — she ain’t even three years old yet. She’s really intense and really smart, and she’s a tomboy, too — she loves rasslin’ […]

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May 15 2007

Sink Drinkin’ and Laundry Layin’

Hello, everybodies! I thought I’d share a picture of my sister, Dorydoo, drinkin’ from the sink. She does it so neat and precise-like. She’s really methodol… methodoli… methodickal (did I spell that right, Momma?). Anyways, I don’t drink from the water in the sink so much as I play with it, hehehe. And I like […]

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