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Mar 23 2010

From Us to You

Cats On Tuesday We Ballicai got another awardie!  We are furry humbled.  This is the From Me To You Awardie, and it was given to us by the Cats of Wildcat Woods.  Thank you so much, furriends! As part of this awardie, we Ballicai are to tell seven more things about ourselves.  And we have […]

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Feb 22 2009

Two Memes

First, I wanna thank effuryone fur yur wunnerful Gotcha Day wishes! I hadded a great day. Momma and Daddy gotted me (us) a new skratchie pad and primo ‘nip! And Dorydoo’s sweetie Earl Grey of The Furry Kids sent her (us) a superduper package with two great catnippy toys! Us Ballicai have been playin and […]

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Jul 24 2008

Meme and an Awardie

Our furriends Chica & Pumuckl taggied us Ballicai fur a fun meme. So us Ballicai are gonna share it! Four jobs Brainball has had: 1. Ballicus I of the Ballicus Dynasty (to present)2. Alpha Cat (to present)3. Fearless and Floofy Leader (to present)4. Official Snoopervisor (to present) Four movies Brainball can watch over and over: […]

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Jul 09 2008

Wordy Wednesday

We Ballicai are havin a Wordy Wednesday cuz we’ve got a lotta katchin up to do! First of all, I wanna announce that me and my sweetiepie Ariel setted a wedding date: we’re gonna get married on Saturday, August 30! We’ll be givin out more details soon. (We’re still workin ’em out!) =-= Us Ballicai […]

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Feb 27 2008

Four Things Meme

Here’s a funny picture Mom took of me. Can you see the tippy-tip of my little pink tongue? Aunt Dorothy, Mom Bean to my sister-cousin-friend Gretchen, tagged me for the Four Things Meme. Thank you, Auntie! This will be fun. I’m continuing to purr and purr and purr for you — I’m so glad you’ve […]

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Nov 21 2007

My Box of Life

My precious, wise, and beautiful sister, Miss Peachy, came up with a delightful meme, My Box of Life, and she tagged me. And she couldn’t have come up with a more purr-fect meme for Thanksgiving! *smile* I’ll open with the lovely quote by Mary Oliver, which Miss Peach used to introduce the meme: “Tell me, […]

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Aug 06 2007

Tagged by my Sweetiepie!

My wunnerful gurlkittyfurriend Ariel came up with a superduper meme, and she taggied me! Thankies so much, sweetiepie! Ariel sez, “The name of my meme is…Five Things that Changed Your Life.” Okeydokeys, here we go! 1. I founded a wunnerful forefur home with my Momma and Daddy and with my sisturs, Dorydoo, Brainball, and Marilyn. […]

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