Apr 19 2012

Brainball to Dorydoo: I <3 You

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May 05 2010

Just a Note…

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…we Ballicai wanted to let everybody know we’re still here and doing well!  Mom’s just extremely busy and scrambles to keep up with everything.  Humans!  If she were a cat, she’d be more efficient.

But we love you all — and we’ll be back with a regular post as soon as we can!


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Apr 06 2010


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MaoMao:  Snuggling with Brainball is the best.  He’s so floofy and warm!

Brainball:  I love snuggling with both MaoMao and Dorydoo.  And here I am, giving Dorydoo a love nibble.  Dorydoo:  purrrrr, I love Brainball.  I.  just.  LOVE.  Brainball.

Marilyn:  My favorite place to snuggle is Mom’s lap, but the bed will do in a pinch!

We hope efurrybody is having a beautiful Spring!

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Mar 29 2010


Cats On Tuesday

Marilyn:  I’m chillaxing on top of the recliner.

Dorydoo:  And I’m snoozing in the recliner’s seat.  Zzzzzz….

Brainball:  I’m sprawling on my favorite box.

MaoMao:  And I’m comfycozy undercover!

We Ballicai love catnaps! :)

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Mar 23 2010

From Us to You

Cats On Tuesday

We Ballicai got another awardie!  We are furry humbled.  This is the From Me To You Awardie, and it was given to us by the Cats of Wildcat Woods.  Thank you so much, furriends!

As part of this awardie, we Ballicai are to tell seven more things about ourselves.  And we have some new pictures, too!

1.  MaoMao:  I love to snuggle and snooze with Brainball.  I especially love snuggling into his floof.  It’s good to have a big brother who both plays with me and keeps me warm!

2.  Brainball:  My little brother, MaoMao, is a ham.  Can you tell?

3.  MaoMao and Brainball:  You know what, we really dig this recliner — almost as much as we dig each other!

4.  Marilyn:  Zzzzzzzz…..

5.  Dorydoo:  I love being high, high up!  I’m so good at jumping and climbing that Mom says I was born with an autonomic anti-gravity function in my brain.

6.  Marilyn:  I love being in Mom’s lap, whether she’s in her office chair or relaxing in the recliner.

7.  Brainball and Dorydoo:  And we like to join Mom and Marilyn on the recliner!

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Mar 16 2010

Catching Up on Awardies!

It’s good to be back on the Kitty Bloggiesphere! Our goal is to post once a week, for Gattina’s Cats on Tuesday.

While we Ballicai were on blog break, we got some furry nice awardies!  And in this post, we’re going to get caught up.  If we missed anycat, please nudge us!

First Awardie:  We got the Kreativ Blogger Awardie from our furriend Herman.  Thankies so much!  Isn’t it purretty?

And as part of the awardie, we Ballicai need to tell seven things about ourselves that you don’t know.  Hmmm.  Here we go!

1.  MaoMao:  I have a furry floofy tummy.

2.  Brainball:  I insist that Mom follow me to the kitchen whenever I look at her over my shoulder in a certain way.  Sometimes she’s slow on the uptake (humans can be like that), and I have to meow to remind her of what I want.  But she always follows me to the kitchen and pets me while I eat.

3.  Dorydoo:  I really like my little brother, MaoMao, even though I enjoy bluffing and getting hissy with him.  It’s fun to play Thundering Herd of Elephants while Mom and Dad are sleeping.

4.  Marilyn MonREOW:  I nibble on dirt when Mom and Dad track it in after hikes (even though Mom’s lickety-split about sweeping it up).  Mom used to worry it would upset my tummy, but it never does, and besides, just a taste of it is yummy.  It cracks Mom up that I eat dirt, since I’m otherwise such a feline girly-girl.

5.  Brainball and MaoMao:  we love to RASSLE RASSLE RASSLE!  It’s all in fun, though.  We never fight.  Mom calls us the Sumo Ballicus Rasslers!

6.  Dorydoo:  Brainball is the best big brother ever.  I like playing and spewing with MaoMao, but I love to cuddle with Brainball.

7.  Marilyn MonREOW:  I deal with my brothers and sisters best from a distance.  I’m not as much of a cat-cat as I am a person-cat.  I adore people.  I’m always the first Ballicus to greet any guest.

Second Awardie:  We Ballicai received the Furry Friend Awardie from MaoMao’s sweetiepie Ariel!  Thankies so much.  What a nifty awardie!

Along with this awardie, we Ballicai must tell three things we’ve done to make the world a better place.  Let’s see…

1.  We don’t fuss when our momma and daddy look after three community kitties who have homes but make the rounds.  Mom and Dad make sure these kitties have plenty to eat and fresh water.  We don’t know what their real names are, but Mom calls them Snowball (little white girl), Bukowski (big gray tabby tough boy), and General Sterling Price (orange and white boy).

2.  We Ballicai are wonderful at looking after Mom and Dad.  Humans need a lot of attention, you know.  They can be quite high maintenance.  But we love ’em anyway.  It’s especially fun to give them rubs, rumbly purrs and slow eye blinkies.  They love that.  And let’s face it — human laps need regular warming.

3.  We Ballicai snoopervise Mom when she cooks and does her household chores.  She calls us her Kitty Snoopervisors.  Once in a while, we score a bite of food that she drops.  But we promise, our motives are 99.999999% altruistic!

Third Awardie:  Today, MaoMao’s sweetie Ariel gave us the You Rock Awardie.  Furry cool!  Thank you so much!  All of us Ballicai think that you rock, too.  :)

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Mar 12 2010

Wake Up, Ballicai – It’s Time to Blog!

Marilyn:  What…?  Could it be?  Mom’s not only going to help us blog again, but she’s given us a brand-new shiny blog, too?

Brainball:  Go back to sleep, Marilyn.  I think you were dreaming.  After all, she hasn’t helped us blog regularly for months.

Dorydoo:  But it’s true!  She just told me, too (sssssstretch…)

MaoMao: zzzzzzzzzzz….

We’re moving our whole blog over here, everybodies!  We’ll keep the old one up, too, because some of the comments didn’t import right, but this new blog will be our home on the internet from now on.

Hugs and purrs from the Ballicai!

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